A1 licence

A1 Practical Test (125cc)

The A1 licence is a restricted category motorbike licence that you can get at 17 years old.

The easiest and most usual way to think about this is as a licence for most motorcycles in the 125cc category.

At first glance, the A1 and the CBT look a lot alike. But there are many important differences between the two paths that you should think about when choosing which one is best for you.

If you’re thinking about getting an A1 licence, the sections below will help you decide if it’s worth it…

As a new rider, getting your A1 licence has a lot of perks, the biggest of which is that you will get a lot more training than you would with a CBT.
For this licence, the pass standards are much greater. So, you will get a lot of training to make sure you’re using the correct methods to handle and avoid falling into not so good habits.

Riding a bike with more power than the rules allow is not smart. This will make your insurance not valid but also your license too.
This would be the case if you rode a 125cc bike that had more power than the class limit up to 35kw (47bhp)

Benefits of this type of licence

Travelling on motorways

Carrying passengers

Sidecars can be used

You do not have to take the theory test again when you get a new licence.

Doesn’t end every 2 years like a CBT, so if you only want to ride motorcycles like scooters, this might be a good choice.

About our A1 course

Our courses are designed to build your confidence, awareness, and control, and we use all types of roads from high speed dual-carriage ways, country lanes, to town centre riding, giving you not only enough skills to pass your test, but an insight in to our advanced courses.


First you must have completed both your CBT and Motorcycle Theory test  Also your hazard perception test

welcome to use your own bike as long as it is taxed, insured, has an MOT certificate and you have ‘L’ plates clearly displayed to the front and rear of your motorcycle. Some motorcycles aren’t suitable for your A1 test though, so if in doubt give us a call on 07886517748

Course Modules

There are two modules in the practical test; you’ll have to pass Module 1 before you can take Module 2.

Module 1 is an off-road test in which you’ll have to show various manoeuvres including a figure of eight, cornering and a U-turn. You’ll need to ride as if you were out on the road.

Module 2 is a road riding test; it also includes an eyesight test and questions about safety checks on the motorbike and carrying a pillion passenger.


DAS Test Training

1/2 DAY £180 (3 Hours approx)

FULL DAY £235 (09:30-16:00)

Includes bike hire and equipment hire.

Test Fees

MOD 1 £15.50

MOD 2 £75

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