Gear Convertion Course

Gear Convertion Course

After the CBT, you take a 2-hour course to learn how to ride a 125cc motorbike with gears that you have to change by hand.
Pay attention to the most important skills and controls for riding a manual motorbike.
Learn and get good at the basics of how to use the clutch and gears.
A course for people who have already taken the CBT on an automatic bike or want to learn more about riding with gears.

What you'll learn

You’ll learn how to handle the clutch (1 down, 4 up) and ride a motorcycle with gears in a safe and confident way. Learn how to use the clutch at slow speeds, when pulling away, and when stopping.

Changing gears with ease
Riding in different situations and weather to learn how to choose the right gear for each situation and how to change gears up and down the gear box with confidence.


In order to take the Gear Conversion course, you must meet the following requirements:

Have the correct licence card: UK driving, UK provisional or EU licence with UK counterpart licence number. Photocopies or images are not accepted.
Be able to read a registration plate from 20.5 metres
Speak and understand English and the Highway code
Be able to ride an adult sized bicycle
Wear suitable clothing including thick trousers (such as jeans) and boots

The Gear Conversion course is not a valid licence, so you are not legally entitled to ride a motorcycle on the road from just this course. You must have completed the CBT course to be able to ride on the road.

Course Structure

The Gear Conversion course is a two-hour lesson that is made to fit the needs of each student. Up to two students will be taught by one instructor. You will spend as much time as possible on the bike learning how to use your left hand to control the clutch and your left foot to change the gears.

Depending on how the lesson goes and what the instructor thinks, you’ll either spend the whole two-hour course riding off-road or, if the teacher thinks you’re ready, you’ll move on to riding on the road.

This course is excellent for people who have already taken the CBT on an automatic scooter or who want to spend more time learning how to ride a bike with gears.

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